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Don't Let Home Issues Be a Surprise

A home inspection company based in Springfield, MO will uncover any problems

If you're selling your home or buying a new one, you won't want to proceed until you've called on a local home inspector to take a look at the property. Berry Home Inspections, LLC is the home inspection company to trust with a thorough inspection of residential properties in Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas.

You won't regret letting our top-notch team look for any defects in your home so you can proactively fix them. Speak with a local home inspector today.

Berry Home Inspections has the expertise you need

When it comes to the integrity of your home, you'll want to work with a home inspection company that you can be sure will do the job right. Our company owner has a degree in Industrial Technology from Missouri State and a background in construction and remodeling that allows him the expertise to spot home issues.

With over 25 years of experience and a reputation for not sugar-coating what we find, we're the crew you can rely on for thorough inspections and top-notch customer service.

Home Inspection | Radon Gas Inspection | Maintenance Inspection

Serving Springfield, MO and surrounding areas in greater Springfield, MO

What do we check for?

From interiors to exteriors, you can trust that we'll thoroughly check any area in your home that you're worried about. We perform...

  • Home inspections. Make sure you don't find an unpleasant surprise in your new home after you've already bought it.
  • Radon inspections. Avoid the health issues that come from long-term exposure by letting us check the radon levels.
  • Home maintenance inspections. Preserve the integrity of your home's exterior by letting us advise you on what maintenance needs to be done.
Taking a proactive approach to checking for home defects will save you the hassle of discovering larger issues down the road. Call 417-861-2983 now for a free estimate on inspections.