What Can You Expect From A Quality Home Inspection?

Do you know a thorough and quality Home Inspection can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs or from buying a money pit?

Before shifting into your new home, make sure to get it thoroughly inspected by a good Home Inspection Service provider.

What does a Home Inspector do?

A home inspector will take two to three days to have a proper walk-over in the property you are going to buy. They will do a top-to-bottom review of the house you are going to buy. They will not only check the physical structure but also its mechanical and electrical systems including the roof, attics, heating and cooling equipment as well as termite, and radon inspections. The inspector will inspect everything properly by checking that the major appliances are working properly, examining the plumbing system and all other systems that need a thorough inspection.

During this entire process, the inspector will take notes and pictures of everything around. If you want you can accompany the inspector in the process and you can also comment if you think that the inspector is eliminating certain parts in the inspection process. At the end of the inspection process, the inspector has to provide an objective opinion on the condition of the home without being biased towards either the buyer or the seller.

What an Inspector doesn’t do?

A home inspection is a general process to know about the condition of the house from a third-party’s perception and it doesn’t promise to give you an x-ray report of the house you are going to buy. The objective of the home inspector is to uncover any issues in the house and it won’t tell you if you are getting a good deal on the house or not. The inspectors have a keen eye for details and they can easily detect the issues that can be seen with the naked eye, but they won’t be able to detect the unseen issues. A residential home inspection is not a kind of fail/pass exam, it just helps you to know the details about the house you are going to buy. An inspection report helps you to gain confidence in the decision to buy a new house.

The report:

A good home inspection report is extensive and it provides different checklists, summaries, notes, and the pictures of the property inspected. Sometimes the inspection report also contains information about the recommended repairs and replacements. Before the inspection begins, you can ask the inspector about a sample of the inspection report they have given previously to any client.

Just keep in mind that the home inspection report contains major and important information about the house you are going to purchase.

What needs to be inspected:

The American Society Of Home Inspectors (ASHI) implements a code of practices as well as standards for the home inspection in Missouri and according to ASHI standards, the following areas are very important to get inspected:

  • Roof
  • Attic
  • Heating system (HVAC)
  • Cooling system (HVAC)
  • Structural inspection
  • Exterior inspection
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Electrical inspection

What to look for during an inspection?

Buying a house is one of the most expensive investments in one’s life. Thus it is very important to make sure that the house of your dreams is the house of your choice and that the house is structurally strong. To know if the different elements of the house are strong, you can accompany the house inspector during the inspection. Look carefully towards the different structures and systems of the house you are buying and pay great attention during the inspection process. Closely watch the inspector at work and put the questions in your mind for the inspector to answer.

Getting a residential home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home buying process. And if the inspection report has more problems than you are comfortable with, it is better to back out of the buying process. Or if you can’t back out, you can negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the purchase or at least pay for the repair cost.

You can only move into your newly bought home if the seller meets all the requirements provided in the contract and if you are comfortable with the present status of the home. 

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