5 Plumbing Inspection Tips for New Home Buyers

Plumbing is to the house what the nervous system is to the body. If it goes wrong a lot of serious problems can arise which can cost a lot of money. If the home buyers use plumbing inspection services, they can avoid serious troubles to their plumbing in the future.

Here are a few tips for plumbing inspections to home buyers:-

Lead content in pipes

Lead as research over the years has shown has a lot of environment, as well as health hazards. It is important to check the pipes for lead content when buying a house. Lead or galvanized plumbing can be found in pipelines of old houses. Copper and solder pipes contain lead. It can also disturb the ph balance of the water. 

Water meter location

It is important to know the location of the water meter and shutoff valve to know if the water supply of the house is in proper working condition and are at the right places. The water valve helps to shut off the water supply of the house for conservation and to avoid leakages. If water is still coming out of the taps then there is something wrong with the supply mechanism.

Water heater

Water heater supplies hot water to the whole family so see if the water heater is of adequate size. Next, check if it’s placed in a place where it’s not too hard to reach or doesn’t cause damage to its surroundings in the case of leakage. Ask the previous owner to install a new one if the old one is nearing its end life. If that is not possible there is in the market a great variety of geysers at very affordable prices.

Municipal sewer or septic tank

Find out whether the sewage is disposed of in a municipal sewer or a private septic tank. If it is in a private septic tank, find out when it was last emptied, cleaned, and if it has an odor. If the septic tank is leaking odor then it might be a sign of problems. No contract should be signed before the problem of this is resolved.

Water damage

Check the house faucets, sinks, and shower for signs of water damage. Even if the signs are old it can be a sign of a problem. check the floorboards of the bathroom for damage and if the toilet and sink move, when you shake it. These are all signs of a bad or old plumbing system and should be looked into.
Identifying the plumbing problems of a house can be a back-breaking job which also might need the help of a home inspector. It depends on your know-how of how these things work and where to look for these problems. If confident, check it yourself else call an inspector to do the same. If you move in and there are plumbing problems, it can cost you a lot of money. For plumbing inspection in Missouri, please visit https://www.berryhomeinspections.com/plumbing-inspection-services.html.

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