10 Tips for a seller on Home Inspection

While selling your house, the buyers will most probably get your house checked by Residential home inspectors. If they do not hire a home inspector, a seller can also get his home inspected to find out if some major defaults can get the deal to break or can increase the cost of closing the sale.

To avoid these hassles, here are some tips you must remember while the home inspector is visiting:-

A ready home

Get your home ready for the inspection. Clean the house so that the inspector knows and sees that the house has been and is well cared for by you. Take care that all appliances are working, and within reach of the inspector. The inspector is not going to make too much of an effort reaching there. Lastly, do not reschedule the inspection as it is suspicious and also costs extra money.

Utilities working

Check all your utilities like water, gas, and electricity are turned on and functioning normally. The home inspectors check the utilities as part of their task. If some utility is not working, call the utility services to get them corrected before the inspection.

Working Condition

Check all the appliances and devices that you are planning to sell are working properly. See that the bulbs and tube lights are working and emitting the right amount of light. See if the sockets are working and the geyser is not leaking or damaged. If these are not working properly, it might be an electrical problem concerning wiring or earthing, etc.


This can be a real deal-breaker.Look at the house thoroughly to see if the pests such as termites and bugs have not taken hold in the house. If you have had pest problems before, it’s better to have the pest control people spray the house before the inspection. The pest problem can be a real deal-breaker for many home buyers.

Emergency detectors

Quality home inspections always check the emergency detectors such as fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm. So make sure these are in working condition. These alarms have a built-in system to check their working status


THe cooling and heating system is also a very important factor in a house that everybody checks. Ensure that the ventilation and the air filters are clean and functioning in the right way.


If you have a garden with trees and plants make sure they are done up neatly and none of the branches are protruding out to become a health hazard. Ake the garden neat so that it gives a nice impression. Your backyard can make a lot of difference in a sale.

Repair and replace

Repair everything that is broken and needs repairing and if it can’t be repaired, replace it. Broken items give an impression of neglect even if you took good care of the house.

A home inspection is important for the seller too. This can increase the price of their house or drop it. They can make or break a deal.

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